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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogs Coverage in BusinessWeek

This is a very interesting issue of BusinessWeek that talks about blogs -- how it helps, affects, and improves business. I'm going to send a lucky reader this issue and pay for the shipping cost. We're going to play a small game to determine the winner. The participant will leave a comment on this post and pick a number from 1 to 20. On Friday, I will ask my co-worker, who sits next to me, to think of a number from 1 to 20. Should there be more than one person picking that number, the earlier post will win. If there is only one comment, that person will be the winner. If nobody guesses the number correctly, the closest guess will win. Leave your email address so I can contact you.


At 6/30/2005 02:52:00 AM, Blogger ~Dawn said...

I pick 12
I really like business week whenever I can find it at the docs office.

At 6/30/2005 06:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can feel it in my hands already.

At 7/01/2005 04:20:00 AM, Anonymous BVI said...


I know I'm right. :-)

At 7/01/2005 11:55:00 AM, Blogger Smarty said...

The number is picked. It's # 12. Thanks for playing.

At 7/01/2005 12:50:00 PM, Blogger ~Dawn said...

Holy Macaroni!


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