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Friday, June 24, 2005

Nasdaq Down

The market is doing terribly today. Most of my portfolio is down for the day. Hopefully, next week would be better.


At 6/24/2005 04:14:00 PM, Anonymous tershania said...

Yeah, the market turned down recently. I sold my holdings in YHOO before the recent sell-off and made a 18% gain on my money.

The market is just getting pounded by not-so-good earnings reports and the high price of oil at around $60/barrel.

At 6/24/2005 07:57:00 PM, Blogger Money Turtle said...

Use this opportunity to look for the leaders. Stocks that decline the least or even go up in this correction.

At 7/12/2005 02:46:00 PM, Anonymous Rich said...

There are safe strategies to make money from the market regardless of direction. As long as it moves, it's a good day...

At 7/12/2005 03:12:00 PM, Blogger Smarty said...


I'd like to hear more about those strategies.


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