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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ebay Results

Ten days ago, I posted up some items on ebay for sale. The auctions are over and now I'm going to post the results (see table below). I posted up seven items and five of them were sold. The Sonicare electronic toothbrush was in high demand and received a lot of bids. This shows you how many people want to use an electronic device to brush their teeth. I switched back to manual toothbrushes. Nevertheless, the Sonicare Elite 7500 was sold for $76.50. I received a few questions about the Motorola cell phone. People were concerned whether they could use it in their area. After answering all the questions, the phone was sold for $14.04 -- a lower price than I expected. This phone used to retail for $299.99, and when I switched phones almost 2 years ago, I could still have sold it for at least $100. Moral of the story: Procrastination costs you money. I'm surprised the laser pointer received a bid. Hopefully the new owner will find a use for it. I got the item as a gift and never used it. The included battery in the box drained out when I tested it last week. The irock 860 was sold for $39.99. I bought this mp3 player for jogging, but since I got a iPod Shuffle now, I decided to sell it. Unfortunately, I will miss the FM tuner on the irock as the Shuffle does not have one. Only two items didn't sell. One of them is a coupon, which I posted up as an experiment. The other coupon for Office Depot received a lot of bids however. The other item that didn't sell was the memory stick for laser printers -- not much demand for this expected anyway. Overall, my net earnings are at $123.38 right now. I still have not received payments for two items, so the totals will decrease a little after the fees, but the net earnings should still be above 100 dollars. I hope my earnings of a Benjamin bill plus change will satisfy some of the people who made comments and laughed at the 18 cents net earnings I initially posted. Thanks Nev for the nudge forward. It looks like when I'm not so lazy, I can really make extra money. This idea of ebaying your junk has accomplished me two goals. I have less clutter now and I made some extra bucks for this week. Hmm... I may go for a second round of ebay, since I still have a lot of junk left.


At 5/22/2005 01:54:00 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Good job. I could probably sell some of my junk as well.

At 11/11/2005 10:22:00 AM, Anonymous how make money said...

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