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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cisco closed at 18.24

Cisco Systems upgraded by Merrill Lynch Cisco Systems Shares Climb After Analyst Tells Wall Street That Company's Stock Is Undervalued "The San Jose, Calif.-based company might grow earnings by up to 15 percent annually during the next few years and is poised to regain market share." Some key points: Bad market and tough sector is already priced in Cisco's stock. Merrill Lynch projects a $23 12-month target on Cisco. 15% growth over the new few years Rating upgraded to BUY VOIP market growing Router demand is likely to increase Second quarter profit jumped nearly 13% Some fundamental data: Forward P/E less than 18 ZERO debt $6 Billion cash The data above shows strong signs that Cisco is going to do well this year and the years following. Also, the CEO of the company is John Chambers, who is known to have strong leadership. As always, before making any investments, do your own research. I sold some shares and made some money today.


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