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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blockbuster vs. Netflix

  • Blockbuster’s website sucks. It has technical errors that always give me a page not found.
  • Blockbuster's queue is amateurish. It hardly rearranges in the order I want.
  • Blockbuster's delivery time is sluggish. It takes a week to get three discs.

These are the top complaints that makes me miss Netflix so much. When I was with Netflix, I remember logging in the website with problems. The site was intuitive, easy to use and the queue was great. Also, I watched a lot of TV series. The blockbuster site lists an icon for each episode. I thought that was kind of stupid. It takes up so much screen space and it was hard to scroll through shows that had multiple seasons, like Friends. On the Netflix site, I can click on "Add All" and it will add all the discs of that season for me. It's not a life-threatening issue, but after I've used Netflix, I noticed a downgrade. The worst part is slow service from Blockbuster. I don't know why it takes them so long to send a disc. I thought Netflix was slow with 3-5 days turnaround, but Blockbuster takes 5-7 days. Sheesh, if it wasn't for Blockbuster competitive $14.99/month and my busy schedule, so I don't mind the slow service as much, I'd have gone back to Netflix.


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