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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Salary and Comparisons

I started with a salary of $37K in 2002. After working for several months, I was given a raise to $38.5K in February of 2003. Then I had to work a full year before they gave another raise. In Feb. 2004 I was at $40.5K. The 5% increase was mediocre compared to the field I was in. I was not satisfied, because I knew a lot of people in the same industry as me with relatively the same amount of experience and they were making over $50K. This year, they postponed the raise to March, but the increase was much more substantial for me. I had a 11% raise to $45k. Although the percentage increase is good, my salary is still low compared to the same position in other companies. Let's take a look at table: Year Salary Increase 2002 37,000.00 2003 38,500.00 4% 2004 40,500.00 5% 2005 45,000.00 11% The 11% increase this year doesn't make up for the poor raises in the previous years. I would expect to make $50K with 3 years of work experience in tech. Perhaps, a jump to another company will help boost that.


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